Midnight Mama

Most women, and especially mothers, find they have little time during the day to actually process the amount of decisions they had to make, and weigh their potential impact. If you are like me, midnight seems to be an appropriate time to lay awake and begin the process of analyzing how ONE of the decisions you made today will ultimately derail your entire life, or, someone you are responsible for...If this is you, then meet me at midnight might be the place for you to find some sisterhood, validation, and a whole lot of humor.

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Friday Jun 07, 2024

As I close out the series of Birthing Her I thought it was important for me to highlight the most influential woman in my life, who also happened to have given birth to me.  I sat down with my mother to talk a bit about what her life was like, becoming a mother 40 years ago to see what has changed in the world of maternal mental health.  We got vulnerable talking about the mother wound, the one wound we don't realize we have until we become mothers, and ways to recover or triage that wound so we don't bleed on our own children.  How do you learn to become a mother if you didn't have a strong example, and what has that done for you on your own journey?
Tune it to find out.  You will not want to miss this episode, for so many reasons.  Whether or not you have the mother wound, everyone can benefit from hearing this impactful interview between to strong, healthy mamas, who come from the same bloodline.
Please, leave a comment or two letting us know if this was helpful for you.
If you believe you have the mother wound and want to work through this in a safe space, don't hesitate to connect with me @ nkumi@thewholemom.com

Tuesday May 28, 2024

I sat down today with board-certified pediatrician/life coach, Dr. Jessica Daigle and talked in depth about her experience  with the NICU from a provider and parent standpoint.  Dr. Jess shares her challenges navigating pregnancy loss, postpartum, and the NICU from the perspective of a mother, and what she is doing to contribute to education, awareness, and support of NICU families. 
Dr. Jessica Daigle is a board-certified pediatrician, neonatal/pediatric hospitalist, and Founder/CEO of Mom & Me MD. She is the proud mother of 2 kids both born prematurely, with 1 staying in the NICU for 5 weeks. 
She has a concierge medical practice in Atlanta, GA that provides local in-home and virtual care services to newborns (with focus on NICU babies) with education and support for their mothers/families to make the transition home easier and less overwhelming. She also offers life coaching for NICU moms to help them navigate life after the NICU and be the confident mom they want to be. 
She lives in South Atlanta with her husband and two kids. Follow her on Instagram @momandme_md

Tuesday May 21, 2024

What happens when you see an OBGYN on the evening news and she is talking about maternal mental health?  You find her and immediately connect.  This was the evolution of our friendship and today we talk about how some connections are just meant to be, and how motherhood has allowed for that space to be present in our lives today.  Sometimes, the OBGYNs get a bad rap for not being "informed" about mental health, but Stephanie is anything but uninformed.  She believes so strongly in educating the "Whole Mom" that she has since shifted in her career.  She might not be delivering newborns, but she is still in the arena of delivering...ideas, businesses, and new moms.  Tune into to hear us talk about feeling empowered as mothers to do whatever we truly want to do, without apologies.
"Dr. Stephanie Hack is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, professional speaker, and entrepreneur. Her special interests in health education, meditation, and women's health empowerment have led to a career spanning two decades. From co-hosting television shows to traveling the countryside of Honduras, she has always used her voice to bring awareness to women's health issues.
Dr. Hack obtained her medical degree from the Lewis Katz School of Medicine and a Master's degree in public health from Temple University. She has developed multiple community programs, obtained grants to facilitate community health initiatives, and served as a commissioner for the D.C. Lactation Commission. During her residency at Georgetown University Hospital and Washington Hospital Center, she further developed her skills as a surgeon and educator, providing care for hundreds of women in the DMV area.
Dr. Hack considers herself a lifelong learner whose goal is to enjoy life as much as possible, as healthily as possible, for as long as possible. She wishes the same for you, aiming to empower you to live your healthiest, fullest life."
Website: ladypartsdoctor.com
Podcast:  https://blubrry.com/ladypartsdoctor/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/ladypartsdoc/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ladypartsdoc?lang=en
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEzZXXaGApNDsyQYiTk4i1Q

Tuesday May 14, 2024

There is something to be said about women who play competitive sports entering motherhood, and Jenna and I dive right into that pool of discussion in this episode.  We used to channel our thoughts and anxiety into competitive sports, so what happens when the sports are removed and we have babies?  Tune in to find out the answer to that, and how using those emotions to pivot in motherhood and build business after business while figuring out just who you want to be wearing this new hat.
Jenna Urban once immersed in suits, now thrives in sweatpants. As the owner of Urban Mac Media, she spent 17 years teaching before transitioning to higher education—which didn’t unfold as expected. This ultimately led Urban to pivot towards her family’s businesses – Lawn and Order Landscaping and LMJ Sheds.
Urban’s online journey started back in 2009, when she started a money-saving blog and amplified her media presence in local newspapers and live TV segments. She is a fierce advocate for local businesses and side hustles, providing expert marketing consulting in email, and content creation.
Urban also co-hosts the “Sole Sisters Podcast” with her sister where they empower their audience with relatable stories from women in leadership roles.
Whether seeking direction, contemplating a career change, or aiming for self-fulfillment, Urban strives to instill clarity, confidence, and courage, enabling clients to recognize their unique and impactful purposes. She writes about her transformative shift from traditional work to entrepreneurial success on JennaUrban.net.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

I had the pleasure of chatting with my longtime sister/friend, Dr. Lara today as we explored a topic minimally discussed "transparently" as it relates to motherhood.  Can I still have my career after babies?  I sat down with Lara today as she shared her experiences with becoming a mom, navigating postpartum, both at home and in her career, and staying true to herself even when it went against the "standard."  From psych hospitals to prisons, and outpatient programs to weddings, Dr. Lara is doing it all, one hustle at a time, and kicking down any door that stands in the way of her calling.  If you are a career-driven woman and mom, or mom-to-be, this is going to be an inspirational and validating episode for you.
Lara Okanlawon, also known as Dr. Lara and The DocMC is a lover of God, wife to one husband (lol), mother to the two most perfect human beings, a Psychologist and overall BOSS.
 Dr. Lara is a seasoned psychologist with over a decade of experience dedicated to empowering individuals, organizations, and communities through therapeutic services, training and development, and facilitation services. With a deep commitment to mental health, marriage and relationships, and personal and professional growth, Dr. Lara brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every endeavor. Her holistic approach to her work emphasizes collaboration, empowerment, and resilience-building, guiding clients toward greater self-awareness and well-being.
With her unique blend of clinical expertise, training acumen, and facilitation skills, Dr. Lara is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others, one interaction at a time. Whether working with individuals in therapy, leading training sessions for professionals, or facilitating group discussions, she embodies her belief in the transformative power of compassion, connection, and growth.
 You can keep up with her through her marital support platform at www.marriagepinnacle.com and on social media outlets at @marriagepinnacle! Be sure to check out her podcast Chats From the Peak on YouTube and on all podcast streaming platforms! For professional services, contact her at drlaraok@gmail.com

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

Meet Zandra, a seasoned finance professional with over a decade of experience in luxury hotels. Her journey took a transformative turn with the arrival of motherhood, inspiring her to blend expertise with entrepreneurship.
Driven by purpose, Zandra founded her online business to offer essential support to entrepreneurs navigating today's complex business landscape. With a focus on empowering individuals to understand their financial numbers and lead with strategic prowess, she's had the privilege of training numerous professionals and guiding them toward holistic success—all while embracing the joys of motherhood.
I had the privilege to connect with Zandra last year through a business coaching course and we related on many topics, motherhood to be exact.  In this episode, we talk at length about her experience as a Swedish woman giving birth in the U.S., her fears, anxiety, and all of the unknowns of postpartum.  She shares how her career shifted once giving birth to her son, and how that event propelled her into entrepreneurship a little ahead of schedule.  She brings a unique experience and shares some of the differences related to maternal mental health as it compares in the U.S. to other countries. We had a great casual conversation and looking forward to growing our businesses and friendships for years to come. 
You can find Zandra on IG @ zandrabonick and if you are looking for someone to show you where your money is going, especially in entrepreneurship, she is your GIRL.

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

There are enough pressures on moms during pregnancy and postpartum, but what happens when we are the ones applying those pressures, especially when it comes to the expectation of "bouncing back?"  Tune into this week's episode where I sit down with LevelTEN CEO, Joelle Cavagnaro and talk about all the things postpartum.  As the owner of a fitness company, and newly postpartum with her second daughter, there might have been a few challenges to "show" up and meet everyone's expectations.  Joelle and I talked a bit about what that looks like, developing a healthy relationship with your WHOLE self, and why this is so important in her business and her personal life.  The mind and body go hand in hand, and learning to love yourself in every stage of motherhood can positively impact your mental health.   Joelle and her coaches prioritize mental health along with the physical, and do this through a variety of services offered to their clients each month.  To learn more about their coaching services and approach to fitness, follow this link.  If you are pregnant or postpartum and looking to start taking care of your health and fitness goals, I recommend Joelle and her team.
Joelle Cavagnaro is the founder and CEO of Level TEN Coaching, an evidence-based fitness and nutrition coaching company that emphasizes individualized training protocols, personalized and periodized nutrition, and mental health. Since leaving her teaching career in high school health and physical education, Joelle has also co-founded another business, Fit Coach Pro, an online fitness coaching software company designed to help coaches streamline and organize their coaching processes. Alongside her two businesses, she is also a mom to two little daughters ages 2 and under (at the time of this recording).
You can find her @JoelleSamantha on IG

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

This week on the Birthing Her series I had the honor of sitting down with the CEO of Melanated Vibes, Billie J.  Billie and I first bonded in our neighborhood where our first babies were growing and playing with one another; right before I moved out of the neighborhood.  We re-connected during COVID, having our second children close together. Then the universe continually brought us together at the local 711, CVS, and local school, so were finally able to have a sit-down, catch up, and cheer one another one in this new endeavor.
Billie shares her experience with pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, and postpartum and I KNOW this is going to resonate with so many mamas out there especially regarding the lack of education and preparation.  We dove into maternal health disparities and inequities, and sharing of resources, and Billie provides solid education and guidance around pre-eclampsia. 
You can find more information about pre-eclampsia here in an article from Johns Hopkins
Billie is a public relations and communications strategist with over 15 years of experience working on several critical issues such as climate change, global health, international security, human rights, and global women’s issues. Billie is particularly interested in the application of public relations to social issues and her passion for communications is focused on creating positive change and improving people’s lives. Currently, Billie works as a health communications specialist focusing on maternal and child health reducing health disparities and improving health equity for mothers, children, and families.  Billie is also the owner and CEO of Melanated Vibes, an apparel and accessories brand that celebrates Black culture through affirming fashion pieces that inspire and empower. Through her “Shop for Change” initiative, Billie donates a portion of Melanated Vibes’ proceeds to nonprofit and advocacy organizations that are working to address issues of equality, equity, and social justice. Billie has a B.S. in psychology an M.S. in management and public relations and additional training in leadership and human capital management. Billie is a wife and a mom of two.

Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

Expanding your family is a blessing, filled with the challenges of balancing it all.  What makes it more challenging is when you are starting to see the light in the postpartum period and find yourself navigating motherhood all over again.  Tune into this episode with my girl Julia Batman as she transparently shares her current journey of being pregnant while postpartum and how things have been different for her this time around.  From returning to work and the challenges associated with pumping, to transitioning into a remote position just in time to experience morning sickness again, she bares it all.
For more information on The Pump Act, follow this link here.
You can find Julia on IG @ Julia_batman_
Julia Batman is a 30-year-old wife and mom of a sweet 1-year-old girl and has another baby girl due to arrive in September. She lives in Pennsylvania, practices as a Clinical Pharmacist, and is also a pet mom to her dog Mifflin, and her cat Philly. She loves motherhood more than anything and is learning to embrace the highs and lows of this period of growing her family.

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

I love feeling unstoppable, especially as a mother.  There have been times when I felt like I could do it all and thrived in that space at one point.  I could pump while I was working, send emails while I rocked my babies to sleep, and even snuck in a workout on my lunchbreak when sleeping in was more important for my health.  The same things that made me feel unstoppable also contributed to my exhaustion and negatively impacted my mental health at one point in my journey.  Today I share my experience with feeling like I "should" do things because I "could" and how leaning into that message can be detrimental to your growth as a mother.  
As always, if you wish to connect email me @ nkumi@thewholemom.com
IG nicole_kumi


Midnight Mama

While Mama is in the title, I am speaking to all women who recap their day and ruminate over the decisions they've made,  typically around midnight.  This podcast has something for everyone and is designed with light humor and tough love in mind.  If you are looking for a nudge in the right direction, or a good laugh, this is where you should be

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